Features of a Good Mobile Application

The world today appears to run on apps. If it is something that individuals can collaborate with, then there is a good mobile application accessible for it. Very much planned apps are attractive and make you need to use them, while poorly structured ones are simply baffling and don’t do what we need them to. Some features of a good mobile application are, convenience, usefulness, and design help the user experience, one of the most grumbled about apps’ issues is the highlights, be it the absence of expected ones or terrible use of those there. 

When you have your fundamental thought, the design, and color scheme right, you have to begin considering what the client needs because on the off chance that you don’t address their issues, a competitor may, and thus you could lose critical business. Many highlights are ideal to have, and some are absolute necessities; however, many will make your mobile application truly stand out. 

As per a digital marketing agency in Kolkata, essential features of a good mobile application include: 

1. Simplicity Of a Good Mobile Application

simplicity - mobile application

Numerous individuals have short capacities to focus, and on the off chance that you make your mobile application hard to navigate, at that point, they will lose interest fast. On the off chance that your client can’t get to their information rapidly and effectively, they will get baffled and do it another way – perhaps by utilizing a competitor’s application. Clear, organized screens will prompt the following stage in the application cycle, and no uncertainty improves the client experience and will urge them to keep on utilizing it. 

2. Speed 

speed of a good mobile application

Fast loading screens are a crucial feature of a good mobile application. Nobody likes pausing, especially when all they need to take a gander at is a screen-loading symbol. This dissatisfaction before long offers an approach to boredom, bringing about a choice to look for something better. Speed implies a suitable arrangement of graphics and not getting huge tables and databases. Keep it basic, and keep it fast. 

3. Great image resolution 

image resolution

As opined by a social media marketing agency in Kolkata, while you need to adjust application speed against usefulness and resolution, you need to guarantee that what you have on screen is adequately point by point to make the user experience worthwhile. We are well past the hours of blocky graphics, and the present users hope to have greetings definition and 16 million colors. Anything less will restrict your application deals. 

4. Adaptability Feature Of a Good Mobile Application


There are three principle mobile operating systems – iOS, Android, and Windows – and to accomplish the best out of your mobile application, it should be accessible on these. Android apps are anything but difficult to transfer to the PlayStore. Yet, iOS should be attempted and tried by Apple before they are permitted on the Application Store. The coding doesn’t really should be unique, yet you might be managing diverse screen sizes and resolutions, so try to test on the two systems before uploading. 

5. Security Feature Of a Good Mobile Application


Web security is turning into an ever-expanding issue, and the equivalent applies to your application. As per a digital marketing agency in Kolkata with numerous applications storing personal and sensitive information or credit and debit card details, security is an outright should. 

Hackers may endeavor to: 

  • Spot malware into apps and onto gadgets where it can get to information and take screen lock passcodes 
  • Block sensitive information going over the network 
  • Take client information for wholesale fraud or extortion. 
  • Get hold of personal business assets. 

Those potential issues imply that your application security must be watertight instead of something that you attach as a bit of hindsight. 

6. Search options 

search options

It sounds basic; however, numerous apps miss this essential element during application development, considering that multiple users utilize it. The capacity to search either the application or the web is critical, and while it won’t work such a significant amount for game-based apps, it’s fundamental for the business and social assortment. 

7. Bright and bold color schemes 

bright & bold color scheme in mobile app

Essentials app features, for example, eye-getting color schemes, are going to pull your clients in. Focus on corresponding colors from the color will wind up with an application that looks smart and expert simultaneously. 

8. User feedback 

user feedback

While you would need to make the ideal application the first time around, there are continually different approaches to improve it and suit the user more. As opined by a social media marketing agency in Kolkata, the ideal approach to understand is to ask the user themselves. Feedback is a perfect method to get your clients to mention what they need and channel that feedback into an absolute necessity for expansion or erasure, what’s conceivable to do with a touch of work, and what to ignore. By putting a feedback button on the mobile application, you empower the customer to mention what they think would improve it. 

9. Updates 

updates in mobile application

When you have your feedback, you can sort out how to make your mobile application more pertinent to your clients and convey updates occasionally. This implies you end up with a particular item; however, you can react to security issues as they emerge. Updates keep your application fresh and give the user more of what they need.

Hope you enjoyed reading our blog on the features of a good mobile application. If you wish to develop a mobile application for your online business get in touch with SITERANKTECH SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD  for smart and effective mobile app development. 

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