10 Ways to Increase your Brand Awareness

As the name infers, brand awareness alludes to the degree to which consumers think about the online presence and details of the brand. In layman’s terms, it is whether consumers are “aware” of the item or not. The awareness includes the brand name, item features, quality, social status, and so on.  In this blog, we will discuss how to increase brand awareness.

Increasing Brand awareness is essential for each business. It very well might be hard to fabricate and may require a ton of time and money. However, its final products are usually worth the investments. Increasing Brand awareness is considered to be one of the greatest assets for businesses. 

Nobody will think about your brand and products on the off chance that you don’t increase brand awareness. And, if nobody thinks about you, how are they going to purchase from you? A report has shown that 71% of consumers will, in general, purchase from brands they are familiar with. 

Here, we will share with you 10 ways to increase your brand awareness: 

1. Utilize Branded Packaging

Utilize Branded Packaging

Allow us to begin with the tangible attribute first. A tangible attribute is what individuals can see and appreciate. Businesses ought to consider using branded packaging. The way you present your item is the primary impression you provide for your consumers. 

This strategy for increasing brand awareness is utilized by most brands on the off chance that you notice. After buying an item, you’ll be given packaging with the products in it. Businesses can utilize various packaging; however, they have one thing in common: they have their brand names on it and graphics and logo for a few.

2. Give Good Customer Service

Good customer service

One of the ways of increasing brand awareness is focusing on providing outstanding service to your existing customers. Interaction and the way you make your customers feel are vital factors that contribute to your brand achievement. 

Great customer service leads to high customer satisfaction, and satisfied customers will, in general, share their experiences with others. Word-of-mouth advertising is considered to be one of the unique ways to increase brand awareness and credibility. Why? Because they are words that come from customers themselves instead of the brand. 

3. Take Advantage of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

The following most broadly utilized technique, especially in the past two decades, to increase brand is through social media marketing. Social media is the best platform to reach a wide audience. 

There are billions of individuals who utilize social media. There are no limitations to the geographical areas you can reach and create a massive online presence. The three leading online channels to be on and advertise now are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The most astounding aspect of this social media marketing is that social media is allowed to be utilized for free. 

4. Reach Out to Influencers

influencer marketing

Influencers are individuals that affect other individuals’ behavior and way of life through online presence. For instance, if a superstar utilizes Brand X shampoo, you would check it out, too, although you haven’t heard of the brand before. This is because the VIP passes down credibility to the brand. 

It gives you the possibility that if the big-name utilizes it, it ought to be acceptable. It is one way that helps in increasing brand awareness; however, hiring a superstar to advertise your item isn’t cheap in any way. There is another kind of influencer other than big names. 

They are social media influencers. These online channel influencers are considered to have expertise and information in that particular field (specialty), for instance, cars or makeup and beauty. Eventually, they gain other individuals’ trust and follow. 

5. Sponsor Events To Increase Brand Awareness

sponsor event

Sponsoring events is a decent way to increase brand awareness. For better results, you need to sponsor events that are relevant to your brand. 

What do sponsors usually do? Sponsors bear parts of the expenses for organizing an event as a trade-off for advertising. Sponsors can decide to give out free products as prizes or place in money (which will be utilized as assets) to get their brand and logo around the event area. Various sorts of events have various kinds of audiences. For instance, marathon events are mainly attended by athletes. 

If you are another brand that sells running apparel, a marathon is a perfect event to sponsor. The audiences are the kind of individuals who might purchase your item because they use them. 

6. Offer Freemium with Credit 

freemium to increase your brand awareness

Freemium is a mixed word formed from the word free and premium. It is a way to allow consumers to attempt your item or services free of charge. Individuals love it as they experience what the product or service does while not having any danger. 

The free version includes non-skippable advertisements and doesn’t allow users to rearrange their playlists. On the off chance that users think the app would be great if it’s not for the two inevitable functions, individuals would not mind paying the small charge to appreciate the application completely. 

Another advantage of offering freemium is that you can have your brand’s watermark or credit line, thus increasing your online presence. A few groups may pay to have it eliminated, while the others who don’t will see your brand each time they use it. Also, if they share your products, other individuals will want to see them, which indirectly helps in increasing brand awareness. 

7. Give Out Useful Freebies 

give freebies to increase your brand awareness

Individuals love, appreciate and appreciate free things. You can print your brand name on everyday items like shirts, pens, water containers, and USBs so individuals can utilize them and carry them around. In other words, it is advertising for your brand any place they go and having your brand in their home. This is an incredible way to increase brand awareness.

8. Do Advertising 

advertising to increase your brand awareness

Advertising is a great way to increase brand awareness. You can do online advertising and offline advertising, and both will help you reach a wide audience. In any case, television, radio, and social media advertising costs are usually high. If you have the spending plan for advertising, I will prescribe you to go for a public statement. We will explain why in #9. 

Instead of spending an enormous amount of money on advertising on television, radio, and social media marketing, you can go for car wraps. Cars wrapped with advertisements are a guaranteed way to quickly attract attention and reach countless individuals except if they drive and walk with their eyes shut. 

9. Post Brand Updates Frequently and Send Press Releases

frequent updates

A decent brand consistently updates its customers through online channels  about what’s happening around the brand. It allows customers to get up-to-date information and stay engaged with the brand. It also gives customers something to talk about among themselves. 

The brands advise customers about new products, update existing products, participate locally, and many more. More updates mean greater chances of increasing brand awareness! 

We saw that many brands have moved towards sending official statements as one of their strategies to increase brand awareness. There are various public statement services now that circulate your news to thousands of end-points, including Reuters and Vertical News Network, which explains why brands are heading in that direction. 

10. Do SEO To Increase Brand Awareness

SEO to increase your brand awareness

Finally, if you own a website, SEO is an absolute necessity to invest in. You want your website to appear on the primary page on Google when users search for something. Seo is essential for increasing brand awareness.

The main page is where website proprietors appreciate the most traffic share, from 71% to as high as 92% as of late. You should attempt to be in the top 5 as it was found that the top 5 results get 67.6% of clicks while the remaining five get only 3.73% of clicks. 

In many cases, websites after the main page don’t get any traffic and visit. Although you may not be a famous brand, it is feasible to rank on SERP when you optimize correctly and adequately. 

The goal here is to search for low-hanging organic products, which are keywords ranking at #4 to #10, optimize them to go up in rank, or, even better, be chosen for the featured piece. Or uncover those rankings from #11 to #20 and further create a content storehouse to strengthen the keywords and get the superior estate on page #1.

These are the top 10 ways to increase your brand awareness.

With these tips, we believe that increasing brand awareness will not be an issue for you anymore.

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