10 Ways To Get More Website Traffic

For a content creator or a digital marketer, the hardest challenge that they face is generating traffic in their respective website and blog. The process might seem to be complicated and tuff but in reality is not. With a fair understanding of the process and a few tips and tricks followed, the creator can easily drive the audience to their content. With the plethora of disinformation, the work might seem to be a challenge but by understanding the fundamentals and principles of website traffic, you can make the work easy for yourself. By following the listed 10 ways to get more website traffic-

1.Understand the source of your website traffic and figure out your targeted audience:-

source of your website traffic

The first and foremost effective way to generate more audience in a website is to segregate the targeted audience. The people that the work intends to cater to. To do so the author needs to follow few methods such as – setting up a blog, search engine optimization (SEO), share the link of the website, or the article across multiple digital platforms for a wider reach. The next most effective, common, and popular way is accessing the paid ads. The ads incorporated in the website and the webpage or the article and blog helps to increase the website traffic drastically. The more organized and precise the author is about the targeted audience, the more efficient can they be driving traffic. In another way, the author can also make use of Google Analytics or more precisely the UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) which further helps in increasing the website traffic. The analytics and the preset algorithm of the tool help to draw the attention of the audience that is looking for the same content. It further helps the author or the creator to source their audience and makes them aware of the platform that contributes maximum to the cause.

2.Effectively driving audience to the website:-

driving audience to the website

The creator must be fully aware of the general areas from which their audience is coming. If the author does not have a sense of this then the marketing can not be done effectively. To scale up the efforts in generating more website traffic, the audience must be tracked. Because it helps to utilize the conversion pixels, and effectively helps in determining the input cost and hence determine the profit percentage and scale or gauge the risk factors. The tracking helps to keep a record of the number of clicks that come to the website. For example, out of every 200 clicks, the author has received 3 sales, and those 3 particular sales have helped the author to generate a revenue of $800. So, an investment of $100 has resulted in a profit of $700. Thus, the author has to efficiently drive the audience to the website and blog and also keep a track of them.

3. Writing insatiable content:-

writing insatiable content

The writer needs to be persistent with the quality of the work. Content is the king and only good, researched content can retain the interest of the audience. The better the content, the more visitors the website has. The sharing of the content by the consumers, thus further helps to increase website traffic and helps in gaining more loyal readers.

4. Implementation of SEO in the content-

The writer or the author needs to keep in their mind that a mere good content will not rich to a wider range of audience. The author needs to have good knowledge and understanding of SEO techniques. Remember only content that has all the nuances of search engine optimization will have a wider reach and will be gathering more traffic on the website or the webpage or blog.

5. Answering questions on Quora:-

answering question on quora - increase website traffic

The platform of Quora is one of the most efficient and effective ways of driving more traffic to the site. Regularly answering questions on this site and with the usage of the right keywords and links, the platforms of Quora helps the users to get a fair understanding of the writer. It acts as a bridge to the author’s content and is one of the most engaging spots to directly cater to the targeted audience and thereby helps in building more traffic to the article.

6. Creating and sharing high-quality infographics:-

sharing high-quality infographics - ways to increase website traffic

Building an infographic the content becomes more engaging. Even study by numerous agency shows,  content that has pictures or diagrams effectively draws more attention of the user. There are tons of clickbait examples and building a high-end infographic is one such effective form of clickbait. Hence, an infographic, if professionally done will become a successful and effective tool for engaging the reader and thereby creating more website traffic.

7. Building industry-specific surveys:-

building industry specific surveys

To engage the readers more and keep their interest specified, it is one of the most effective means of gathering more readers to the blog and website. But to do this, the author must be very specific about the niche and the polls or the opinions that the content creator wants to generate must be specific and at the same time specified to the write-up. A deviation from this will result in the readers’ distraction and disinterest and it might even cost the writer their otherwise loyal audience. 

8. Implementation of Browser-Catching tools and CDNs:-

implementing CDN - 10 ways to get more website traffic

The methodology of using Content-Delivery Networks (aka CDNs) is a very efficient and at the same time effective way mechanisms to speed up page delivery across various platforms in the world. Traditionally Google and other search engines have their counterpart that is dedicated, ensuring the generation of more website traffic. But to draw a wider audience the writer can also use MaxCDN, Amazon AWS, or any other such tools that help in leveraging the CDNs reach with browser-caching tools such as – WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, and others.

9. Posting content on Reddit:-

off page reddit blog posting -

Reddit is a very engaging platform, and it can be effectively used by the creator to redirect more traffic to the website or the blog. The platforms efficiently host and addresses conversations across the globe and more than millions participate in it. The domain is extremely popular and is effective for increasing the audience to the webpage and the website. The main idea is not only creating good SEO-friendly content but also connecting with the readers and making a stronger community.

10. Developing SlideShare presentations:-

Off-Page Slideshare Presentation -

Creating content-specified powerpoints and Google-friendly presentations will be further helping in increasing the visibility of the website or webpage. Doing the right way can make the presentation viral and hence generate more audience and views. The presentation can also be linked to the article on the website. The technique is a clever way of diverting more audience to the webpage and website. If done effectively it will drive a large amount of traffic for free.


The above-mentioned ways are time and tested techniques to get more website traffic, but the creator can further get help from the various content promoting tools namely- Taboola, Outbrain, and others scale up the number of viewers. The sites will be promoting the content across the internet for free. Not only incorporating the ads of Google but access Facebook will further be given the content a wider audience and appeal. The revenue strategy of Instagram can also be made to use. A platform created for socializing is also one of the most effective ways to reach out to the target group of audiences. Thus, for all budding entrepreneurs who are diversifying their business online, following the above-specified steps will help them to increase website traffic.

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