How To Advertise On Facebook – A Complete Guide

Facebook advertising is a pioneer and an important way out to connect with the world audience but from the comforts of the home or the click of a mouse. At Facebook, there are 2.80 billion active monthly users. If this audience is used tactfully and masterfully. Facebook as a platform has grown more from a social media platform, it is now one of the major sources of digital marketing and with the feature of Facebook ads, the creator can implement to get hold of more audience. Here is a complete guide on Facebook advertising that the users have to follow and use. In this blog, we will learn all about how to advertise on Facebook.

There is a list of the different types of ads that exist and how to advertise on Facebook with this ad types:-

Image ads:-

how to advertise on facebook using image ads

As the name suggests this ad is much like a poster, which might seem to be simple to create but is a challenge in itself, the ads have to be informative and attractive as well. A dull image ad will not be successful in creating interests.

Video ads:-

video ads on facebook

While video ads are fun and can be placed in the News Feed or stories or can further appear in the streams ads. This type of advertisement is very popular and can be used on multiple platforms. The idea of the company can be more elaborately yet precisely placed with the aid of it.

Poll ads:-

poll ads on facebook

This feature is only available on the mobile platform. This is very interactive and allows customer participation. Here, the creator can add a separate link for each of the poll choices. This option also allows the creator to get to know their customer in a better light and understand their psychology.

Carousel ads:-

carousel  ads

By availing of this feature, the creator can add up to 10 images or videos to highlight the product and the service they are offering. The feature can also be used to highlight the benefits of the product or the reviews of the customers. The videos or the images can also be linked with a “shop now” button, for amplifying the marketing scales.

Slideshow ads:-

slideshow ads
  1. This provides an easy way for creating short video ads from the existing or new collection of photos or short video clips. They have the same effect as a full-fledged ad but at the same time uses five timeless data.

Apart from this, there are more options like- augmented reality ads, stories ads, messenger ads, dynamic ads, lead ads, instant experience ads, collection ads, and others

But the question remains- How to advertise on Facebook?

Here, is a list of the steps that the creator needs to follow to advertise on Facebook or manage ads on Facebook-

Step 1:   The creator has to log into the “Facebook Ads Manager” and from that option, they have to further select the option that is titled- “Campaigns”. Post that they have to click the option that says- “Create” to start with a new campaign or Facebook Ad.  By creating or placing an ad 11 marketing objects namely- Reach, Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, Conversions, Catalog sales, Messages, Store traffic, Video views, App installs, Engagement, and Traffic generation is ensured.

Step 2:  Name the campaign that you are planning to launch. The creator needs to specify their ads and add details accordingly.

The creator has to set up an A/B split test, test selection needs to be further done to set this ad as their control. The creator can further choose different versions to run the ad that has been placed on various platforms.

Step 3: In the next step, the creator has to set up their budget and have to choose the web pages where they wish to promote their ads. They also need to decide on their budget and the start and the end dates of their advertisements.  

Step 4: Before further proceeding, the students have to target their audience. From the option titled “custom audience”. The creators have to specify their target groups and focus specifically on gender, location, age, profession, and other such details. Also, on the right side of the screen, there is an audience size indication button, this allows the creator to keep a track of their audience.

Step 5: The creator now needs to select their Facebook ad placements. They need to choose at which places their ads will appear. There is an option of Automatic placements, using which Facebook will be placing the ads automatically on platforms like- Messenger, Instagram, Youtube, and other such platforms. Furthermore, for more specifications, the author may wish to create ads even at the specific location, the options may also include more details like-

  • Device- desktop, mobile or both
  • Placements- in-stream(for videos), feeds, apps, sites (not integral to Facebook)
  • Platforms like- Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and others.

Other details like operating system and other such features can also be added by the users.

Step 6: Following this, the domain creator now has to set the brand safety and set measures for cost controls. Using this feature, the user can exclude any type of content from their ad. The user can choose to avoid the contents that do not suit their content. The block lit can also include lists of- videos, websites, and publishers. 

Furthermore, the user can also optimize their ad bidding feature. There are multiple default options that the user can make use of to have more nuanced options for placing the ads. 

Step 7: The final and the last step includes creating the advertisement. Here in this step, the creator has to choose the format of their ad and then proceed by entering the media or text as components in the advertisement. Every ad will have a different format and according to the features need to be customized and modified.

For creating and placing Facebook ads, the user needs to keep a few things in mind, namely- he needs to be sure of what he is offering to his audience. To make the advertisement more familiar, the user or the content creator has to make sure of the fact that the advertisement contains content that is more familiar and easier to understand. The user can also make use of the Facebook Ad- Type Cheat Sheet so that they further understand the format which would be the most suitable for the ad. Making it more user-friendly for the user.

Hence, for a quick revision here are the steps that the user needs to keep in mind to create and place an ad on Facebook

  • Log into Facebook Ads Manager.
  • Choose your objective.
  • Name the campaign.
  • Set a capping on the schedule and the budget of the ad.
  • Select the group of your targeted audience.
  • Choose your placements for the Facebook ad.
  • Create your ad.

Thus, the user can follow all the above-mentioned steps to make sure they place their Facebook ads more professionally on social networking platforms. I hope that now you came to know how to advertise on facebook.

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