How To Do A Technical SEO Audit

There are multiple SEO technical audits that the creators can deploy to increase the efficiency of their website or their webpage. In this blog, we will learn how to do a technical SEO audit.

Watch this video to learn the ways of doing Technical SEO Audit:

To identify the Crawl errors with the help of a crawl report

crawl erros of technical seo audit

A very important thing that has to be done by the authors and the content creators is to run a site audit or crawl report for the main site or domain. This will help the user to find any errors in the site if any. This crawl report will help the creators to identify any SEO errors or issues, figure out any H1/H2 tags, identify any low page speed. The user can also use the automated sites and further employ a variety of tools to automatically figure out any errors or issues created by crawl. This audit should be done on a periodic basis to keep the website as optimized as possible.

The HTTPS status codes need to be checked

https status code

To meet the track with the present norms it is very important that the creators are witching to HTTPS because if not done this the users will not be having an access to the site they still have HTTP URLs. According to a study conducted it has been found out the fact that to rank first in the Google ranking HTTPS is very useful and effective. The creator can use the Google Search Console that lists out the potential breakdowns and errors in the website. The user can also employ SEMrush’s site audit tool to help in getting the report.

Checking the XML sitemap status

xml sitemap

The mechanism of an XML site map is used as a map for many search engine crawlers along with Google that essentially helps the crawlers to help find the website pages and helps them to rank the website accordingly. Here, is the process to ensure that the website or the site is in accordance with an XML site map-

The user has to ensure the fact that the website is formatted in accordance with an XML document.

The XML sitemap guidelines need to be followed.

The user needs to have all the pages updated.

Then the creator has to submit the sitemap to the Google search console.

The site loading time needs to be checked

loading speed of website - how to doa  technical seo audit

Loading time is one of the most important SEO mechanisms that need to be checked. According to the study, almost 23% of sites or web pages have a slower loading speed. This essentially drives out the potential clients or the customers from the site. The other key metrics that are important for the website to rank are the bounce rate and the amount spent by the users on the website. The creators can also make use of the tool namely- Google PageSpeed Insights to check the amount of time the user spends on the website.

It has to be ensured that the website created is mobile-friendly

technical seo - mobile friendly website

With the advent of the digital age, the accessibility and usage of mobile have increased drastically. Therefore, it is very essential that the users make sure of the fact that the content or the website that has been created is mobile-friendly. The creators can also make use of the tool named Mobile-Friendly Test to check the fact how well synchronized the website is with the mobile. The users can also make use of Google by submitting the results of the site. Some of the solutions that can one deploy are-

  • By increasing the font size.
  • By embedding Youtube videos
  • Compressing the images
  • By using the mechanisms of Accelerated mobile pages (AMP)

Auditing needs to be done for keyword cannibalization

keyword cannibalization

Google might get confused with the keywords so it is very essential that the home page and the subsequent subpages are optimized accordingly. The creators can also use the tool of Google Search Console’s Performance to look out for pages or websites that have usage of keywords of a similar kind. It will show the number of pages that rank for the usage of similar kinds of keywords. In the competition of the ranking, the one with a lower CTR will not be ranked higher.

Performing a Google site search

google site search

To do a Google site search is a very crucial and important way to check how efficiently the platform of Google is indexing the website. In Google, the content creator can just type- “” Doing this will show all the pages that are indexed with Google already. If the concerned website is not on the list then on a periodic basis technical SEO audit needs to be done.

The duplicate metadata needs to be checked

duplicate metadata

A very common SEO faux in all e-commerce websites and web pages. Nearly 54% of the website have meta descriptions or duplicate metadata. Some 63% of the sites have metadata descriptions that are missing. The problem of duplicate meta descriptions occurs because more than one page has a similar kind of copied content. So, a comprehensive and detailed crawl report or SEO audit will alert the creator if any such issues take place in their website. Hence, it is very important to have unique page content.

Regular check needs to be done for broken links

A broken link in a website will simply drive away from the visitors. Also, a link that is broken is bad for SEO. Therefore it is important that the user is conducting a website SEO audit to identify any broken links that are there on the website and get them fixed as immediately as possible. One important way of doing it is checking for the broken links in the crawl report to get a detailed idea of each existing URL and the number of broken links if any.

Hence, there are multiple SEO technical audits that can be done by the content creators on their website to check during their SEO audit. SiterankTech Solutions, Kolkata is one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Kolkata. We help and guide our clients with SEO technical audits and advice and guide them in the field of digital marketing.

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