How To Generate Leads Online?

Before proceeding with the process of generating leads online, one needs to understand what exactly is leads in digital marketing and their importance. In this blog, we will learn how to generate leads online.

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What is lead generation in digital marketing?

Lead generation in digital marketing is defined as the process of engaging and attracting more leads to the respective website and webpage. Through this process, the customers that visit the website are transformed into genuine leads by leading them away from signing up through the means of email and login options. A qualified lead helps the business to grow.

Importance of getting more Leads for the Business-

Getting more leads effectively ensures the growth of the business or the organization. It helps in establishing the brand authority and online reputation. While getting authentic leads, the creator also gets more information and data about the customers. This data helps to further channelize the future course of the advertisement. The collected information will help in the digital marketing sales funnel. To generate more leads it is thus important that both the mechanism of sales and marketing needs to be used in a combined way.  

Here is a list of the most effective ways to generate leads online-

Offering value to your visitors- 

offering value to your visitors

As per the studies done by Lean Labs they have shown the fact with a help of a case where they showed that offering products and services for free has effectively increased the leads by 355 percent for their client Atlantech. Multiple approaches adopted to generate the leads in a more effective way. Dynamic CTAs were also used as a lead magnet.

Creating and optimizing the conversion funnel-

optimize conversion funnel - how to generate online leads

There are multiple conversion funnel channels available and those channels need to be effectively regulated and optimized. Tools like Crazy Egg clubbed with the mechanism of Google Analytics will help the content creators understand the customer’s touch base in a more comprehensive way. Keep the data or the information in mind and all the touchpoints that the buyer’s visit can be accordingly modified and the conversion channels are positioned.

Offer unique content

offer unique content

Maintaining a blog and publishing unique content will help to generate more leads. The content that the owner publishes should be thought-provoking and illuminating. By digging into customers’ support mail and answering their queries a friendly engagement will be created with the customer and creator. The platform of a blog or any such content creation site will help to generate more leads on the digital platform.

Defining the leads magnets for the audience-

lead magnets of online lead generation

As the name suggests a lead magnet effectively manages to attract more leads to your business. The aim here is not to generate the revenue but to gather the information and details about customers like their mail address and name. For example, digital marketers have effectively generated approximately 36,000 leads by deploying the mechanism of lead magnet. A/B test will also help to generate the leads by helping to refine the process.

Optimizing the home pages, landing pages, and other key pages-

optmizee landing page to generate online leads

All the pages that are there on the website are equally important and the landing pages need to be regulated and optimized accordingly. Tools like Confetti maps, Heatmap, Overlay maps, Scroll maps, and others help to effectively understand the behavior of the customers. All the pages that are created have a defined purpose and specified action. Therefore to attract the viewer’s attention it is critical and important that information and sources are served to the customers accordingly.

Automating the process of digital marketing-

automation in digital marketing

Half of the business in the domain of online marketing is done via the means of marketing automation. By automating tasks like- data analysis, email marketing, A/B testing, User behavior testing, and others will significantly reduce the manual labor and helps to increase the daily visitor’s rate and transform them into potential leads.

Direct engagement with the aid of email marketing sequences-

email marketing

The creators need to take into account the various email marketing software providers and then choose the best for them. Email marketing sequence helps to identify and keep in touch with the leads. This process helps to create a brand image and provides the users with guidance. This is more of an educational process to nurture the leads towards the bottom of the funnel. Coupling the Email marketing sequence with coupon codes and webinars will encourage the users to buy.

Activeness on all social media channels-

social media marketing for online leads generation

There are multiple social media platforms and each of them ensures an effective generation of viewership. The creator needs to make their business and presence felt on social media. Properly linking the posts and blogs will also lead the customers and clients to the desired place. Creating engagement in social media channels is crucial and important. This helps in creating a brand identity and online reputation. The content that is being posted needs to be focused, interactive and engaging because without that even 1000 posts posted daily will not really help to engage the clients or audience.

Creating free tools-

free tools to generate online leads

The audience always wants a shortcut and free tools are a great way to bring in more traffic. Free tools like calculator, template, fashion, and others can be created to bring in more audience and clients. This mechanism is an effective way to gain audience trust. For example, the famous financial website Bankrate has created multiple free calculators for their audience and have successfully generated more leads.

Hosting a webinar-

hosting a webinar

A great way to generate more consistent leads is by hosting webinars. They are regarded as the most popular lead generation tool. Topaz Lab has emerged as a leading company that effectively hosts many free webinars and creates software for photographers. Either charging or not charging for such events helps with the generation of leads.

Deploying the mechanism of paid advertisement-

paid advertisement

Advertisement is always considered as one of the most effective ways in the process of lead generation. To get online leads the content creator can use the mechanisms of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Mechanisms of Microsoft Bing Ads, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and others can be used to advertise the company or the generation of very specific leads. Advertising increases the exposure of the company or the brand. It helps to establish the brand identity and online reputation.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-


There is always competition in the digital marketing platform hence it is very important that the content that is being fed to the customers is accorded with all the mechanisms of search engine optimization. Content that has the right keywords and links will be identified by Google Analytics. The content needs to be created keeping in mind both the framework of a mobile or tablet and laptop or desktop. 

In a quick review here is a list of the tips to get leads online-

  • Social media
  • Landing pages, website optimization, and SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Online PR (Public Relations)
  • Webinars
  • Review platforms

Thus, to make the business grow it is very important and crucial at all the mechanisms of social media marketing are deployed only then qualified online leads will be generated.

We hope now you can understand how to generate leads online.

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