The Ultimate Guide To Google Analytics In 2021

The Roles and Functions of Google Analytics are huge and one needs to understand all the roles & responsibilities of Google Analytics. Learn the ultimate guide to Google Analytics in 2021.

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What is Google Analytics?

what is google analytics

GA or Google Analytics is an extremely popular analytics tool that provides the user with detailed in-depth details about the concerned website or webpage. The platform of Google Analytics is integrated with Google’s an advertising and marketing platforms like- Data Studio, Google Search Console, Google Ads, and others to provide the user with the most optimized solution. Undoubtedly Google Analytics is the most used and popular analytics tool. 

To exactly understand how to use Google analytics the users are advised to go through the pointers that have been mentioned below in detail. To get a clear idea about its working mechanism.

Here is the ultimate guide to google analytics :-

Is Google Analytics free?

is google analytics free?

For the benefit of the user or the customer, the platform of Google Analytics provides both the paid as well as a free version of GA. The paid version of GA is called Analytics 360. Small business houses can highly benefit from the free version of Google Analytics. But if the business is gradually expanding or if the user is looking for more options then they can avail the paid version. The feature of Analytics 360 provides the users with the following extra features-

  • Roll-up reporting.
  • Attributed modeling and advanced funnel reporting.
  • Getting more views, metrics, and dimensions
  • Unsampled and unlimited data

Also, by taking up the subscription of the Analytics 360 the owners will be provided with dedicated support. As the subscription fee for Google Analytics people needs to pay an amount of $150,000 per year. The price of the subscription also increases when the number of views on the website or webpage increases.

Hierarchy of Google Analytics:-

hierarchy of google analytics

To understand the importance of google analytics the hierarchy or the various layers of the tool needs to be understood-

  • Organization-  It is the highest level and represents the company. Example- The institute of the company for which the tool is being used will be the organization. For a single organization, multiple GA accounts can be created as well.
  • Accounts-  This provision is not optional and to use the tool of Google Analytics one can use a minimum of one account or more to get the job done. To make everything more convenient each account can be assigned a specific task or can choose to assign multiple properties to one particular account. Every account created can hold a maximum of 50 properties. 
  • Property- The property is defined as the application or the website and each property can support a maximum of twenty-five views.
  • View- The view provides the information to the user after filtering all the configuration settings that have been assigned. Each property requires two views. If a view by chance is deleted then the data with it will be deleted as well. And it can not be accessed back. It is for this particular reason that it is important that the unfiltered view of data is kept.

The process to set up Google Analytics:-

the process to et up google analytics

Before one proceeds with opening an account on the Google Analytics platform. It is essential that the user has an existing Google Account registered over mail and has a password set up. The GA account can be accessed only from a valid Google account. For setting up the google analytics guide has been provided below-

Step 1: The users need to set up an account on Google Tag Manager. If they have the account already then they need to log back into their account.

Step 2: Then the users have to select the option that is titled “Google Analytics” and click on it to further incite the process of creating the account. The user needs to add the URL and the website link to initiate the process of tracking it. The account needs to select where they want to add the details of the property.

Step 3: In the next step, the users need to set up the analytics tag with the aid of Google Tag Manager. The view needs to be added to the property. From the menu, the user can click on the “Create a view” option to add a view. Almost 25 views can be added to a property in Google Analytics.

Step 4: The tracking code needs to be added directly. After creating the property one will have access to a unique id and global site tag to help in the collection of data. 

Step 5: The account created has to be further linked with Google Search Console. So that real-time data is provided and the most optimized results are provided to the users.

The Dimensions and Metrics on Google Analytics:-

the dimensions & metrics of google analytics
  • Metrics- are defined as quantitative variables. For example- temperature, age, population, and other such data.
  • Dimensions- it is defined as categorical variables. For example- colors, names, places, etc.

In a Google Analytics report, the dimensions are the rows and the metrics are referred to in the form of a column.

Examples of DimensionsExample of Metrics
Customer typeLocationBrowserLanding pageDeviceSession durationPageviewsSessionsConversionsBounce rate

Importance of Google Analytics:-

importance o foofle analytics

Google Analytics tool is a very essential and important digital marketing tool that essentially helps to measure the results that are related to individual campaigns. It effectively shows all essential data over a period of time so that it could be analyzed and comprehended to yield more optimized results. The platform of Google Analytics shows the data from different genres that are effective directly in more traffic. This includes-

  • Direct Traffic
  • Referrals (Backlinks)
  • Social Media
  • Paid Search (PPC)
  • Organic Search (SEO)

The Best Google Analytics Dashboards are:-

the best google analytics dashboard
  • Executive Dashboard
  • Basic Dashboard
  • SEO Dashboard
  • Digital Marketing Dashboard
  • Economic Dashboard
  • Content Marketing Dashboard
  • Site Performance Dashboard

Thus, following the above-mentioned mechanisms of Google Analytics, it helps to measure the effectiveness of ROI and it also helps to track the social networking sites, video, flash, and other such applications. The platform of Google Analytics helps to effectively monitor the working of the digital marketing provisions. It effectively stores all the data at one place and helps to compare it with other different channels to ensure a very optimized solution for the users. All the important tools that help the website to grow and rank are monitored and analyzed.

The importance of google analytics is many. Google Analytics allows you the data needed to assist you to shape the success strategy of your business, discovering stuff you probably never knew about visitors on your site. Whether you have got an eCommerce site or an informative site, you would like to grasp the behavior of your visitors to deliver better results.

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