How To Get High-Quality Backlinks To Your Website?

We all have been working hard to deal with SEO rankings and since you’ve been doing it too and came across the term ‘Backlink’, you are here today trying to do your own research and get more insights on how to get high-quality backlinks to your website for SEO ranking. In this blog, we will learn how to generate high-quality backlinks.

Watch this video to learn how to create high-quality backlinks:-

How to get high-quality backlinks to your website for ranking?

Before jumping to that point, let us first understand the concept of backlinks‘What is a Backlink?’

Backlinks are references in your content to provide more insights/information from other websites. They can be from any social posts, influential interviews/events, and most commonly, top blog posts.

Now you would be thinking, How to get more website traffic on your website if I put other links to refer from?” That’s right. You do not want to spend your time working for someone else’s SEO.

Technically and logically NO!!!

The answer to that question is simple. Start functioning on how to get high-quality backlinks to your website to source your content with legit and valuable information. And you get it from the first 10 websites of your Google search engine result page. Though you are helping them get backlinks to their websites,… cheers to your passive backlinks in the future and getting yourself into the radar of being recognized and ranked!

These high-quality backlinks are helping the content of your website grow more attention making it a “One Stop Window for all Information”.

So since I’ve mentioned the ‘High-Quality Backlinks’, the next thing to pop up is what, why, and how low-quality backlinks affect your website traffic respectively?

Simple…You don’t want your website to be known for its low-quality content right?

|Fact: Even the backlinks you are adding to your website are working as a valuable asset for your high-quality content. All that it has to be is highly relevant to your niche sourcing from well-ranked domain websites.

So now, let us move back to our intriguing topic – “How to get high-quality backlinks to your website” while Neil Patel explains to you “Why and How backlink Quality and Quantity matter?”

(And what’s more great is that you don’t have to be a celebrity for that to happen)

Here’s How to get High-quality Backlinks to your website:

1. Create ‘Good Skyline Contents’:-

create good skyline content

This is the most important and chief source to get more website traffic and eventually you have the first clue on how to get high-quality backlinks to your website. Readers love reading more engaging content. And it all fruits when you add more factual, statistical, explainable, and image articulations.

Your content needs in-depth research for a blog on your website. But that’s common! Everybody does it. To get more website traffic you need to have some great “Skyline” content with in-depth research that demands the last drop of your sweat and patience (which is overlooked by most of the content writers or marketers). 

This would help you attain great heights to have built the most factual, resourceful, and informational blog ever. Don’t forget to connect with the emotions of your audience. This is the key reason as to how to get referral traffic in your website leading to high-quality backlinks.

|Note: This resource would help you get the highest quality backlinks for the future without ever getting low on website traffic.

2. How to Get High Quality Backlinks to your website using eye-catchy Infographic content:-

how to get high-quality backlinks

The audience tends to relish Infographics as they are original, innovatively informative, and professional. It prompts people to link to your website for sharing it when found helpful and engaging.

You have the power to win your backlinks as soon as readers or audiences come in contact with your infographics. 

Well, for that you can start using Canva as a beginner or Venngage or even hire a freelancer to create a highly appealing infographic and publish it to start connecting with other spaces of the same niche. It would prompt readers to share the content if it’s felicitous. And this would form a chain of whoever comes in contact with the content. 

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

3. Understand What or Who you are writing for:-

understand what or who you are writing to

It is equally prominent to understand and set your target audience for each blog post on your website. Whether it’s the individuals or other blog spaces coming across your blogs, you need to have the knack of serving them what they want. Like every marketing technique, you need to be the voice of their mind. 

  • A very crucial and integral part of this work is to establish your gold audience. They are the ones who help rank your website and by the time you start getting more website traffic, that’s when you know how to generate backlinks from them.

4. Check your Legitimacy:-

check your legitimacy

You must be still wondering how to get high-quality backlinks to your website when all you do is post blogs! Simple! Any website which is associated with more plagiarism and scams will be pulling down their rank. Copied contents, false statements, scams, everything adds up to more and more plagiarism.

Therefore, if you are a new user and working on how to get high-quality backlinks to your website, you have to be more persuasive while dealing with any blogs, using more backlinks from top secured and authorized websites to make it look more legit and that you are pitching the real deal to the world.

|Note: Making yourself look real and legit is important for other websites to backlink you.

5. How to get high quality backlinks using a Healthy Pitch:-

how to get high-quality backlinks using a healthy pitch

Many people tend to overlook the message they draft to invite bloggers into their websites. The invitation message has to be such that they appreciate your efforts and get themselves attracted to get high-quality backlinks to your website. And getting it done by some of the highly maintained websites is always a Golden Shot.

You should realize the process of backfiring where you have a risk of getting a ‘No follow’ backlink. Therefore, it is an art to carefully benefit your website to get more website traffic and generate backlinks.

|Did you know: There are terms used to decide whether your page should be followed or not. The ‘No follow’ link hints google not to add the particular website for SEO rankings. Similarly, this is the case with the ‘Do follow’ link that works completely vice versa. 

6. Reach out to sites after External Linking:-

reach out to sites after external linking

In this step, once you have prepared a smart and appealing pitch, you need to now target those websites that would accept you, helping you on how to generate high-quality backlinks to your website for your legitimacy, superb content, and its relevance to their niche (basically all that you’ve worked upon for so long.) 

The next question is, How much time to get high-quality backlinks and rank your website? 

The answer is ‘Quite Longer than you can imagine but that’s alright rather than risking your website to rank low using ‘Black Hat SEOs’ and degrading the reputation of your page.

Let’s see how to get high-quality backlinks to your website in a more versatile way.

  • Find a Journalist or a Blogger who needs a source of valid information for his blog space. Think of it this way, they want a source that provides them with full information, and ‘You’, in return, are receiving a backlink to your website of that particular niche. It’s that simple but quite a lot to work upon.
  • Provide Testimonial write-ups (beautifully explained by Brafton) for influential/most searched websites or bloggers. Now, that might give you a pretty unjust intuition for helping other platforms, but in a way, you are helping yourself by dotting your backlink after every testimonial.

(This spot of dotting your backlinks is usually included by many official websites).

  • Commenting upon blog posts. Yes, that’s right! It’s just like using social media where you comment upon the famous influential posts and also invite them to your platform and help them get more assistance with your research works which is also helping you to get referral traffic to your website.

7. Building links from Top Outdated Websites:-

building links from top outdated website

Some websites had huge website traffic and rankings at a time but due to some reasons, the websites were either shut down or modified into newer ones. And very few audiences tend to keep up with this update. 

Hence the trusted audiences of those websites still source backlinks to them.

You can use this opportunity to make a list of those URLs of websites/bloggers and update them about this issue, also notifying them about getting a more updated version of the shared information, from your site. And, your work is done.

This way, you have a great chance for them to accept this proposal and generate high website traffic once they cross-verify the matter. It’s like gaining their trust and building relationships for future references. 

Now, this is something that is still unknown to many bloggers or maybe less usage due to its extra time consumption.

Note that various Backlink Checking tools (beautifully listed by Neil Patel) help in getting a list of links pointing to any particular URL. The most effective and popular one is Ahrefs but there are more to help you out. 

8. Usage of more Trending formats of Content:-

using trending format of content

(How to, Why to, where to, Ultimate guide to, Top 10 list, etc.) 

As mentioned, it is very important to keep up with the trend of content formats being searched upon. People tend to use more ‘How to’ formats while searching a topic.

(That’s exactly how I connected my Title of this blog – “How to get high-quality backlinks to your website”) 

The audience looks for the point-to-point portrayal of the information they search about and the more direct answers you are emerging with, well…. That is the clear answer of how to get more traffic.

And here we come to the end of learning the best ways on how to get High-quality Backlinks to our websites.

What do you think about it and also let us know which Backlink tool you are using to get the best results out there? 

We hope now you understood how to generate high-quality backlinks to your website.

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