How To Use Google Search Console For SEO

In this blog, we will learn how to use Google search console for SEO.

Watch this video to learn the top 10 functions of google search console:-

Before diving deep into the working mechanism of Google Search Console, you must be well aware of what exactly is Google Search Console. Thus, to make things more accessible and comprehensive for you, here is a brief guide provided for you-

What is Google Search Console?

what is google search console

The platform of Google Search Console is a free service offered by the tech giant Google. The applications have been developed effectively to troubleshoot any problems that might raise concerns for the website or webpage. The Console helps to understand and improve the search results in the concerned google sites. 

The next important thing that will now strike your mind is what is  Google Search Console’s importance. For making the concept more accessible, the importance of the tools has been provided below-

  • It helps the user to confirm whether Google can find and crawl your site.
  • It makes all possible provisions to receive alerts when Google encounters indexing, spam, or other issues on your site.
  • It effectively troubleshoots AMP, mobile usability, and other Search features in a more efficient way.
  • The tools show the users which site links to the concerned website.
  • Using the tool, one can view Google Search traffic data for the site and determine how often your site appears in Google.
  • The tool effectively fixes indexing problems and requests re-indexing of new or updated content.
  • Search, which search queries show your site, how often searchers click through for those queries, and more.

Using the tools mentioned above, the application of Google Search Console thus effectively increases the Search engine optimization results. The next question that arises to mind is how to use google search console for SEO? Read along to find the answer to your questions- 

How to use google search console for SEO?

how to use google search console for SEO

There are multiple functions of Google Search Console, and the critical process for the platform is to help the content rank first. Since you now have a fair idea about what Google search Console stands for, here is a list of the ten essential things that the user can do on the platform to bring in more traffic to the website in a more organic and defined way. This helps the Google crawlers to find the content and make your website rank faster. The list has been provided below-

  • List out the keywords so that the website or the site ranks higher in the website or webpage.
  • Analyze how the users interact with the search results.
  • The page rankings can be easily found out using the tools.
  • The Page indexing needs to be submitted.
  • Sitemap needs to be submitted as well.
  • It has to be ensured that the web pages created are user-friendly.
  • The crawlers that identify any possible errors and unindexable pages need to be figured out.
  • It has to see whether the site or the webpage has any penalties or not, affecting the results in SEO findings.
  • It will also enable one to see the links or sites to link to the website to make the content rank higher.

Details of the working mechanism of the Google Search Console has been provided below-

  • The platform of Google Search Console provides the user’s data on four essential metrics such as total clicks, average position, and average click-through rate or CTR. The metrics help find out the details on various grounds to generate more traffic and lead to the website. The tool monitors the activity and the audience footfall in the website and webpage and accordingly provides solutions and results.
  • Using the tools, one can see the performance report where they can easily find the keyword’s position and hence find the ranking of the keywords. If the keywords rank first, it will be shown the results and the report of the Search Engine Console.
  • Sometimes, the developers can forget to add index tags or canonical tags, which might temporarily prevent the Google crawling devices from finding the pages. Such kinds of human errors are easily seen with the help of the Search Engine Console. The errors will be listed in the coverage reports, and one can find the “errors” and “valid with warnings.”
  • The report of the Google search console also links the words of other sites to provide the users with comprehensive information. One can see all the site’s backlinks by clicking the “Link” tabs. This will help to view all the inbound links.

Apart from the techniques mentioned above, the users can use the listed tips to make sure the Google Search Console tool is most comprehensively used. The recommendations have been listed below-

  • The user needs to know about the most important SEO metrics to help the website or the web page reach out.
  • For more efficiency, take the concerned data outside of the Search Console.
  • Never fall into the data trap.
  • Always prevent keyword cannibalization issues.
  • Track local keywords for enhancing the performance.
  • Dive into mobile vs. desktop traffic
  • Investigate the countries tab for increasing the efficiency of the website or webpage.
  • Submit new URLs for further inspection.
  • Look at all the sections of the website in detail to increase efficiency.
  • The website needs to be regularly checked for enhancing the website coverage issues
  • Compare keyword predictions with actual rankings to get the most optimized results.
  • Change metatags and monitor the CTR impact and improve efficiency.
  • Make sure that you compare your data with your competitor and plan out accordingly
  • Look at your most popular backlinks to enrich the content and make it reach out to more audiences.
  • Find exploding topics so that the topic can trend further.
  • Monitor high CTR keywords
  • Track the SEO performance of the concerned website to figure out any possible glitches.
  • Investigate your click-to-lead conversion rate to increase the working efficiency.
  • Check the canonical domain settings for more optimized results.
  • Find internal linking opportunities whenever possible.
  • Find Opportunities to Improve Your Click-Through Rates
  • Check site links regularly and also keep the sites updated.
  • Find Pages That Need Additional Optimization
  • Compare your search performance
  • Figure out the pages that are wasting your crawl Budget and thus eliminate those pages to enhance the search results.
  • Always remember that the Search Console data isn’t always 100% accurate and always takes the experts’ opinions.
  • Identify Your Ideal Target Keywords to reach out to the clients or audience.
  • Make sure you find internal Linking Opportunities to Boost Search Rankings
  • Share the data with your team so that the most optimized result is reached.
  • Provide Google More Information About Your Site Without Adding Structured Data to enhance the result.
  • Find the right keywords To Target In Your Paid Search Campaigns
  • Decrease Your Bounce Rate by Identifying the Negative Keywords
  • Generate New Content Ideas for building a brand reputation.
  • Measure Changes in Branded & Non-Branded Search Volumes

The key benefits of using Google Search Console- the powerful tool for analyzing and enhancing the performance data has been listed below-

  • It helps in “finding ‘unicorn’ content (CTRs above 10% + rankings on the first or second page) to expand your blog topics.”
  • The tool helps in “finding pages with high impressions and low CTRs that rank on page one so you can improve click-through rates.”
  • The mechanism helps drill down into the queries for specific landing pages to discover new ad group keywords and keyword themes.
  • It helps to find pages with high impressions and low CTRs that rank on page two to add additional content topics that will increase your topical authority on the subject matter.
  • The tool thus helps in determining pages that are missing from your website.
  • The most valuable branded and non-branded keyword is sourced out using the Google Search Console tool.

Thus, Google Search Console is a must-have tool for everyone trying to expand on the digital platform. To keep pace with the advancing digital world, the Google Search Console must be used to its most optimized level. Hence, we highly recommend you connect your website to the tool. 

We hope that now you understood how to use Google search console for SEO.

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