How To Optimize Your Google My Business Listing?

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In today’s world, for any business to prosper and flourish, it is needed to increase its visibility on the platform of Google. Hence, the digital marketers have optimized the concerned websites and webpages and Google Ads to make sure the content ranks. However, another thing that needs to be taken care of is that the Google Business Listing, officially known as Business Profile, needs to be optimized most effectively. Learn about the functioning of Google My Business Listening from the content provided below. In this blog, we will learn how to optimize your google my business.

There are 176 billion searches that are performed on the domain of Google each month. The study conducted by BrightLocal has shown that the business profiles average is only 1,260 views during the same time frame, and that is 0.00000075% only. Moreover, making things more concerning is that only 59 actions are taken from those 1,260 views. This is even less than 5%

Being on the Google My Business platform will not only make the job done. There are specific strategies that the user needs to adapt to make sure that the job is done in the most optimized way. 

The 13 optimization strategies have been listed below-

optimization strategies of google my business
  • The first thing that is required is to claim your business profile.
  • Complete all the sections that have been provided in the Google My Business account.
  • While giving the contact information, be meticulous.
  • Select the secondary and primary categories.
  • Make sure that you mark off the applicable attributes.
  • Ensure that you complete the “From the Business” description.
  • Publish the google posts every week.
  • Also, upload new photos weekly.
  • Answer the questions that have been asked.
  • Please respond to the reviews and also collect them.
  • Add the list of services or the products that you are providing.
  • Set up the system of messaging.
  • Maintain the business Profile comprehensively.

By implementing the strategies mentioned above, one can quickly turn their Business Profile into the best free tool for customer acquisition. Let’s dive into the topic more for better understanding.

Also, do not get confused with the terms for Google as your Business Profile is formally known as “Business Profile.” You are now wondering what the use of the tool is. Be patient and read along.

What is the need for optimizing the Google Business Profile?

what is the need of optimizing google my business
  • Improve and Increase the Engagement-

Some many customers and consumers search on the google platform but do not visit any website. This is mainly because the search result pages often answer the users’ thus, resulting in “zero-click searches” Thus, the customers interact with the business not through the website but the Google Business Profile. There the profile must be optimized. This increases the quality of engagement and improves your local ranking.

  • Boost Your Local Ranking-

The working algorithm of Google does not consider the relevance and proximity along with the quality of information and activity. Therefore the Google Business Profile must be optimized because it helps send Google necessary signals to ensure that the content ranks in the local results. The higher the content types, the more engagement that business gathers.

  • Convert More Customers-

In terms of acquiring customers, a regular Google Business Profile does not offer much. But with a Business Profile that is optimized through Google My Business Listing. It will then effectively find out where you are located and help to read and review the customer feedback. Also, through this, one can discover the keywords, searches, websites, book the appointment, contribute to the FAQs, book an appointment, make reservations. Request a quote and more. One can also track the website, link the menu using Google Analytics and UTMs.

How To Optimize Your Google Business Profile?

how to optimize google my business profile

You have already seen why it is essential to optimize your Google Business Profile. But now, let us see how to turn your Google Business Profile into a 24/7 lead generation and marketing tool for growing your business locally.

  • Create the Account-

The most important thing that needs to be done is to create the account or the profile. You need to have a Google Business Account, then contact Google telling them you want to connect the account to Google Business Profile. To create the account, follow the steps that have been listed below-

Step 1: The users have to visit the mentioned log in address-

Step 2: If they have an existing account, they can log into their account or create a new tab with the help of their Gmail/Google account that you have created for conducting business.

  • Complete All The Sections- 

There are multiple sections in the Google Business Profile. To rank higher in the digital platform, it is thus essential that you complete the profile in the right way. The various aspects of the profile that needs to be completed have been provided below-

  • Hours
  • Website
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Name

Sections that have been listed below need to be provided a time and thought-

  • Questions and answers (Owner-generated queries)
  • From the business
  • Products and services
  • Category and Attributes 
  • Questions and answers (Consumer-generated)
  • Reviews
  • Posts


  • Optimize The Contact Information-

There are multiple steps through which you can optimize the information on Google Business Profile. Some of the most important steps have been listed below-

  • Always make sure that the name you are using for the business is identical to the one you use to store your signage.
  • Make both the address and the business name to match the listings across the website and digital platform.
  • Ensure that you have listed both your holiday and regular working hours.
  • Optimize your “From The Business” Description-

The first and the foremost thing you will notice after opening the Business Profile is the brief description. This is the summary that the Google Platform uses to ensure consistency across the platform. Here are some tricks that one can use to optimize google local listing and the description attached to it- 

  • Make use of all the 750 characters, and in the first 250 characters, incorporate the key information.
  • Repurpose the content from the “About Us” page.
  • Make sure you use the keywords that the audience uses for searching the business.
  • In the description, do not repeat the information.
  • Do not include HTML or any links.
  • Choose the Category-

This is a must for optimizing the Google Business Profile. The reasons have been listed below-

  • Get noticed in the discovery of the searches- 84% of the business profile on the platform of Google originated from the discovery searches only. Therefore optimizing is essential.
  • After choosing the category, Google makes the searches more category-specific. For example, a hotel will pull in the star ratings, and restaurants will have a reservation button, a salon will have customer reviews and others. Details like this will help the customers to choose your business over other competitors.
  • Be very specific with your category. For example, if you are a salon, mention specifications such as “Nail Salon,” “Hair Salon,” and others. Also, when you are mentioning details about restaurants, do not simply write restaurants. 

Apart from all the above-mentioned measures do the following-

  • Upload photos and keep your post updated.
  • Make sure that there is a steady stream of reviews coming in.
  • Respond and monitor the reviews.
  • Keep the information updated always.
  • Enable all the new features to ensure that you are using the profile to its fullest. 

Much like the Google SEO strategy, the Google My Business Strategy helps make the website and content more optimized. This will help to populate your website, increase review site profiles, engage the social media accounts. Thus, without much delay, please start with the process of optimizing your google my business listing. Focus on using your Google My Business account dashboard to get your Business Profile optimized and represent your business as thoroughly and accurately as possible. Then, make sure to maintain this, and you will reap its benefits.

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