What Are Some Useful Digital Marketing Tools?

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Companies in today’s world depend on various digital marketing tools to survive. To make things more easy and comprehensive for you, we have brought together a list of the most valuable and commonly used digital marketing tools that you need in today’s time to make your company grow by generating more leads. Read along to find out what are some useful digital marketing tools? Be it managing relations with the customers, getting a detailed analysis of customer behavior, and working efficiency of the website, this comprehensive guide will serve you any purpose.  

Before you get started, check on the categories that have been provided below-

  • Email marketing tools
  • Social media marketing tools
  • Search engine optimization or SEO tools
  • Landing page and lead capture tools
  • Lead generating tools
  • Graphic creation tools

Social Media Marketing Tools

Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media as a platform is ever-evolving; with the tons of social media apps readily available in —digital marketing, the platform has become a prime place for generating leads and catering to a strong business relationship. The domain of social media is also crucial for gathering valuable data, which is extremely important for analyzing their behavior and formulating plans. Here is a list of the various social media marketing tools that one can use as digital marketing tools.

  • Loomy- The social media tool is ideal for all the smaller social teams looking to organize and collaborate on content. The clean, no-frills interface of the device is easy to navigate and friendly to users who are not tech-savvy. 
  • Sprout Social- This tool helps business houses to organize their content calendar and assets in one place. Thus, the tool helps to publish the content on various platforms based on the schedule. The device is absolute perfection for all digital marketers.
  • Audiense- When it comes to digital marketing, socializing is essential for identifying potential customers and trends. Tools like Audiense help in the social listing. Doing this makes it easier to target the ad campaigns. This tool targets platforms like Twitter and thus makes it great for B2B companies.

Email Marketing Tools

Email Marketing Tools

The email has withstood the test of time and has emerged as one of the critical digital marketing tools in both traditional and non-traditional branches of marketing. Here is a list of tools that you can use for doing email marketing.

  • Iemlist- This tool is unique as it primarily focuses on deliverability. It figures out the best times to send the email to your users for establishing brand identity and online reputation. The tools also provide additional outreach programs such as email sequences to encourage more replies from cold prospects.
  • SendGrid-This tool offers a host of email services that make digital marketing tools more manageable and user-friendly. SendGrid is the forever-free plan for up-and-coming businesses and scalable pricing that matches the user’s requirements and growing company.
  • Moosend- This tool is one of the most user-friendly and affordable digital marketing tools. The devices come in both paid and unpaid versions. The paid users can also take advantage of the features such as landing pages, mobile popups, and others.

Search Engine Optimization Tools

Search Engine Optimization Tools - what are some digital marketing tools

Search engine optimization tools are one of the most influential and popular digital marketing tools.  With the ever-increasing digital marketing landscape, SEO tools have gained immense popularity. Here is a list of the SEO tools that you can use for digital marketing:

  • Ahrefs- When it comes to keywords, Afrefs is one of the essential tools to check the URL’s organic keywords. Keywords used in the topics play an important role in making the content reach out to more and more people.
  • Clearscope- This tool is handy for content writing. It recommended a host of recommendations like headers, keywords, and readability to help you write (or rewrite) high-ranking, well-balanced blog posts.
  • SEMrush- This tool allows users to track their priority keywords and likewise explore new terms to rank for. The instrument further breaks down keyword ideas; difficulty and variations are great for brainstorming content ideas and identifying search intent.   

Conversion Optimization Tools

Conversion Optimization Tools

When it comes to digital marketing, small changes in the websites and web pages significantly impact ranking and lead generation. Many differences can be created by changing the color of the buttons and the icons on the website. Here is a list of some of the conversion optimization tools for internet marketing.

  • Optimizely- This tool also helps in optimizing the landing page. The tools help in creating visual impressions and thus helps to target more and more audiences. The platform is a no-code platform and allows the user to do minor and significant edits to the official web pages.
  • Unbounce- This tool helps in quickly building, tweaking, and publishing new landing pages. The tool helps to make an A/B testing variant. If you are not an expert, then you can easily modify them to fit the style.
  • Hotjar- This platform provides the users with a real-time visual record of the action and behavior of the visitors on the site. This tool allows digital marketers to analyze what the people are doing on the website after visiting the site.

Lead Enrichment Tools

lead enrichment tools- what are some  digital marketing tools

With the ever-advancing digital platforms, these business intelligence tools help the creators with valuable insights about the leads that are particularly helpful for B2B marketing. The lead enrichment tools are popular digital marketing tools. Here is a list of some of the most popular lead enrichment tools.

  • DataAnyze- Much like Clearbit, the DataAnyze also provides the users with the most critical information, such as on-site leads. The platforms also offer valuable insights for Linkedin marketing by pulling together all social data.
  • Clearbit- The tool creates up-to-date profiles for all the content creators with a profile for their leads.The details that the tool gathers are company size, company role, and others. The platform uses more than 100+ sources to draw their data. It is one of the most important online tools for digital marketing.

Landing Page and Lead Capture Tools

Landing Page and Lead Capture Tools - what are some digital marketing tools

A landing page is a place where the visitors first notice. Therefore, for digital marketing and lead generation success, the landing page and lead capture tools are significant. The list of the most commonly used landing page tools used by digital marketing agents.

  • Type form- These tools help the digital markets to create minimalist and attractive conditions. The Type form forms are stylish and are not like the traditional popups. The user-friendly interface of the platform of Type form makes it easier and simple for the editor. Further, with the use of the tool, one can create quizzes and interactive forms.
  • OptiMonk- The tool allows the business houses to grab the attention of the customers and clients. The platform plays an essential role as it prevents the customers from bouncing through personalized popups. OptiMonk encourages users to segment their marketing messages and serves the users only what is necessary and crucial.
  • MailMunch-The tool is a hybrid of landing page and email marketing. The tool offers several engaging form types and email features for the users. Using the tool, the user can separate the audience based on several factors, such as customer demographics and buyer details. The tool also has a goal-based form-builder that allows the users to work on a variety of templates.

Graphic Creation Tools

Graphic Creation Tools

Graphics, memes, graphs, videos, and other such things play an essential role for any website. To attract the attention of the users, graphic creation tools play an important part. To make the business and the website more successful, here is a list of some of the most popular visual creation tools that one can use.

  • Visme- The platform of Visme is primarily focused on creating data visualization and presentations. The platform is ideal for users who regularly publish their data on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Creatopy (Bannersnack)- Much like Canva, the platform of Creator allows the users to design brand kits and design sets. The tool is helpful for agencies that manage multiple clients and social accounts.
  • Venngage- This is another popular graphic creation tool that especially emphasizes infographics. With the help of this tool, one can customize any infographics based on their branding with the already available tools and graphics. The applicants can use the tools for their convenience and thus generate more leads.

Thus without giving a second thought, download the tools mentioned earlier, and see your business grow dramatically. The online tools for digital marketing mentioned in the article will surely help your business grow by generating more and more leads.

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