How To Do SMS Marketing?

Before we proceed to know how to do SMS marketing, we shall shed light on the facts on SMS marketing. So, what is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing or short message services marketing is an approach by which text messages are used for communication, giving updates and offers, and regular reminders to potential customers. SMS marketing is a digital marketing technique to create awareness for the brand among people.

This kind of marketing mainly focuses on building brand awareness on a personal level. In short, brands use SMS to communicate with new and existing customers of different types of promotions, updates, and campaigns to increase the volume of business.

Companies send bulk SMS to promote their business among many recipients using various tools, such as text local. Such devices work as distribution channels that give the authority and power to the companies to send messages directly to their targeted customers.

How To Do SMS Marketing Efficiently

How To Do SMS Marketing Efficiently

To fetch the benefits of SMS marketing, the company needs to integrate a plan to execute the process.

If you are still having thoughts about how to do SMS marketing efficiently, here are some quick tips for you-

Rely on The Professional Team

how to do sms marketing

No matter how simple it looks, SMS marketing needs a strategy. Marketing is not a single-man operation. If you are looking for the best outcome for your company, you must hire skilled professionals.

If you are thinking of feeling the shoes of several people by one or a few people, you might not get the desired benefits. To successfully implement SMS marketing, the professional team must consist of a few experts in their field, such as retail experts, SMS marketing program experts, social media experts, promotion specialists, budget analysts, on-location signage co-ordinators, return of investment specialists, etc.

To maximize the benefit, the SMS marketing team must have good coordination for the perfect execution of strategies. The more they are towards making the plan successful, the greater the benefits the company shall reap.

Know About Your Potential Customers

how to do sms marketing

Having a good customer relationship management app is the best way to ensure the success of your sent messages.

CRM apps help you access the right information about customers, such as location-based demographics and purchase history, to send the right messages to the right customers.

If you don’t know about your potential customers, attempting to sell your products will go in vain. For example, if you suggest an anti-wrinkle cream to a 20-year-old girl, it will not create a good impression about the company.

However, bulk SMS marketing will help you to make brand awareness for general marketing. Also, it will assist every customer to get the advantage of the brand no matter where they are located.

Focus On The Message

Focus On The Message

The next best thing you can do is focusing on the messages you have to send. Getting help from a creative writer will be the best option to create a loud and clear message. Creative and catchy messages make the best impact.

If you have 160 characters to make people aware of your brand, make sure you take fewer characters to set your message. Avoiding emoticons, abbreviations, and caps is the best way to make it more professional.

Also, using open-ended messages will be less likely to attract customers. Suppose the customer is informed about a particular sale but is not notified when the deal will end. Sales can happen for a day, for a week, or even for a month. If customers are not informed enough about the ongoing offer, they are less likely to react.

Know About The Perfect Timing

Know About The Perfect Timing

Knowing about the perfect timing of the SMS is the key to attract your customer. Surveys reveal that it takes around 3 minutes for an average person to open messages.

So, promotions, invitations, and sales are always more effective when done at the last minute. Suppose you have a big store opening scheduled at 6 in the evening. It is better to send customers the notification about the store opening in the evening instead of the day before or in the morning.

One of the best SMS marketing tips is finding out the time of the previous interactions with the targeted customer to send the notification at that same time to fetch the maximum benefit of your sent SMS.

Focus More On The Best Client

Focus More On The Best Client - how to do sms marketing

Best clients refer to those customers who are loyal and consistent with your products and services. It is always a good idea to focus more on giving the best services to your best clients.

The best clients already love your brand. It will be easier to fetch more clients through them. Loyal clients work in indirect marketing because they will not hesitate to boast about your products and services.

Sending them in-depth polling questions, offers, coupons, and discounts instead of sending bulk SMS to random clients may fetch you some extra benefits.

Make Opt-in Feature Across Media

Make Opt-in Feature Across Media - how to do sms marketing

Making opt-in features for all social media accounts for the clients is another way to get potential customers. Make sure you put an opt-in part at every point of contact.

  • Social Media and Website: Put an opt-in feature by adding a field, “mobile number,” for the customers while signing up on your social media like Facebook, Instagram, website.
  • Point-of-sale: Let employees ask customers if the customers want to opt-in for SMS announcements about discounts and offers.
  • Snail Mail: When sending promotional offers and coupons, make sure you add the option to opt-in for an easy SMS alert.

Take Call-to-action Seriously

Take Call-to-action Seriously - how to do sms marketing

You can increase the engagement of the customers if the call-to-action button is taken seriously. Sending SMS will not help if it lacks attention and customers do not value the text or read it. Below are a few points on how you can implement call-to-action:

  • ‘Show this text’ feature: If you send customers SMS like ‘show this text to get an instant 10% discount’, it will increase the engagement, and customers will take SMS seriously.
  • ‘Click here’ feature: The character space may sometimes fall short while creating brand awareness and awareness about promotions and offers. So, you may add the ‘click here’ feature to take your customers to a whole new page where all the instructions, promotions, and all other necessary details are elaborated.
  • ‘Text-to’-do something feature: Text-to-win or Text-to-vote will increase the customer engagement automatically. Besides, the text-to-win feature is an excellent way to let your customers win, increasing sales and traffic. The text-to-vote feature is a great way to get the feedback of the customers.

No matter your strategy, having a clear, effective message by analyzing customer needs and demographics and an SMS specialized team will help the company boost sales via SMS marketing.

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