How to Vlog: A complete guide to start Vlogging

What does it take to vlog? I’m sure the question in your mind has left you seeking your answers and you’ve landed on this blog. Of course, vlogging seems to be so new as if it was that last winter night you saw the first travel vlog. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that vlogging is actually the new normal, maybe somewhere since the 2000s? In this blog, we will give you a complete guide to start vlogging.

But whichever year this thing started, people seem to have enjoyed every bit of it no matter what niche videos were made. And it took less than a month for people to try it out on their own. From toddlers to even elderly people, vlogging is something that has brought quite an interest in people’s lives.  

From how to vlog to creating influencing online content, we all have seen the struggle. But one common thing, people like me and you have noticed is the number of followers the vloggers have. They can have somewhere between a thousand to millions of followers. 

While the expert vloggers can be great motivators, this blog today is a complete guide to start vlogging. 

For those who want to know more about what a vlog is, let’s start this blog with this basic question.

So, What is a VLOG?

In layman’s terms, a vlog is basically a short videographic documentary with an average length of five minutes to twelve minutes, sometimes even more! It can be called a portmanteau of short video and a blog. The content of a vlog is naturally to show a person’s expertise on a specific niche such as travel, food, education, fashion, etc. 

Vlogs or video content have now acquired spaces even in digital marketing campaigns. Since YouTube is now home to all sorts of videos, digital marketers have long been using this platform for advanced marketing strategies. 

All that matters is the content. Real and authentic content used in vlogs, basically what we call as content marketing, are the major concerns for professional communication purposes with their targeted audiences. 

Now, you must understand the difference between normal video content and vlogs. For example, a vlog under a specific niche such as traveling includes the creator’s personal experiences and opinions regardless of the fact whether they are personally showing themselves on the video or just a voice-over. These vlogs are in the form of casual videos. 

On the contrary, normal video contents are the ones that include travel guidelines in a more professional way from an informational and educational point of view. Or you can say, from an objective point of view. Contrary to vlogs, the other types of video content are more formal. For example, travel videos are shown in TLC, Nat Geo, etc. 

Lastly, vlogs are mainly of two types. One which we casually term as “talking head” videos, the other is called “follow me around.” Talking head videos are mostly when the content creator or the vlogger talks about his subject using a static camera and showing around things and objects. Examples of such videos include cooking tutorials, make-up tutorials, etc. 

Whereas, if you want to know more about “follow me around” vlogging tips, you might want to dive more into travel videos, lifestyle videos, etc. With this being said, let us begin this blog by sharing some tips on how to vlog: a complete guide to start vlogging for getting started with your first-ever vlog on YouTube.

How to start a Vlog: Vlogging Tips

How to start a vlog: Vlogging Tips

With the definition explained, you are now going to read about the stepping stones on how to start vlogging

  1. Determine your niche or industry. 

Before starting a vlog, your head must be crystal clear about which industry you wish to choose. It must determine your interest, your confidence in creating content, and your grit. 

You can start deciding upon the niche by writing down the benefits on paper. Start by writing the reason for starting a vlog, followed by a reason to choose the particular niche, some strategies that you’ve preserved to get started, everything should be clear to yourself. 

  1. Target on your audience and only the Right One! 

Now once you’ve narrowed down the points and strategies, you must start listing down your targeted audiences. This is not just in the case of vlogging but for every digital marketing campaign where businesses need to select a particular category of their audience who might be interested in their business. 

Moreover, targeting every kind of audience might mislead your strategy. Therefore, with the niche you’ve chosen, you must also know your people’s requirements. 

For instance, if you want to know how to vlog on food, you must be clear on what attracts the viewers, which food makes them drool, what and where do they love eating the most, etc. 

  1. Build a Catchy Vlog Brand

Having a good and consistent mindset must also think about building a brand and start selling those innovatively fresh ideas. Create a unique vlog brand and a vlog channel on platforms you like. Social media marketing comes with lots of heavy packages. 

Unlike other companies who sell products, all that you must sell is your opinions, knowledge, and your ideas to place value and spread more awareness. 

You must take care of your channel’s unique name, the logo of your brand, and your internal branding. Try boosting more followers online to build your channel’s authenticity. 

  1. Watch other Vloggers

To start something new, you must try and watch your seniors or other professionals who have been in this field for a long time. Watching interesting videos may help you look aesthetic to the audience.

You need to think about what good things you can provide the audience with your vlogging. These skills keep adding through years of experience. 

  1. Investing in right equipment

Vlogging requires the right equipment to get started. If not everything, at least a good camera, smartphone, a holder, and a microphone is necessary for the freshers. Without these equipment, you shouldn’t expect a chocolate cake in this field. Along with some good videography skills, it is also necessary to travel the world with your best companion – your gadgets.

What can you start with when entering into the vlogging lifestyle as a beginner?

  • Good DSLR or Action Cameras
  • Good Lens with wider angles
  • Tripod
  • Microphone
  • Good Lighting
  • Good Editing Software
  • Good pricing to fit in most of these equipment

Vlogging is often a side business for many people whereas the main source of income for many professionals. Despite the niche they choose, they struggle to capture the best shots with the best voiceovers with the right editing skills often taking hours to complete. And the story doesn’t end there. Since you are a newbie you need to struggle the first few years, if lucky, only a few months, to gain popularity and fame.  Therefore, one must be aware of the struggle and the results of vlogging.

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We home now you understood how to vlog, by reading this blog on a complete guide to start vlogging. 

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