Top 10 Website Designing Tips

Are you confident about your website traffic? What industry do you belong from? What is it about the website that boosts your confidence about connecting to your audiences?  In this blog, we will learn about the top 10 website designing tips.

Website designers or business professionals seeking to widen their connectivity to the world need to answer the above questions when designing their business websites. 

Website designing takes years to master. For someone who is indulged in a website, development must be well versed with both off-page and on-page requirements. Visitors to your website want to navigate every corner of the page, for which various factors ensure successful visits and a rise in sales. 

There are so many different styles and designs that can create wonders for the website look when it comes to website development. Clearly, these designs vary from business to business. For example, the website of an e-Commerce platform needs to be chicer than a normal automobile business page. 

A truly successful website depends upon unique content and an excellent user experience. We know how hard it gets for those non-designers to get their first try on website designing. The last thing you want to jot down is creative, SEO-optimized content for your website only to go unnoticed due to technical errors or design flaws.

Here’s a list of the top 10 website designing tips that carry the weight of efficient strategies for developing a high-end website.

Follow easy-to-understand navigation

Follow easy-to-understand navigation

When visiting a website, a user needs to have a clear vision of what he is searching for and if he found what he wanted to from your website. Navigation is the key to your successful website design and optimization. Only when able to navigate properly will the visitors be able to dive deeper into your website.

If your website users are confused about where they need to find their requirements, they have no reason to stick their nose on a useless website. A business website should be designed in a way that can be accessed sufficiently by its users. 

Using elements like overstuffing of hypertexts, confusing images, incorrect site maps, too vague or too bright colors, confusing text styles, etc., can interfere with your website traffic. When you have too many negative features, people will automatically pull out from your websites.

Read this previous blog to understand the ways to increase your brand awareness.

Promote crystal clear brand image

Promote crystal clear brand image

Your website’s homepage is the core of your website. When your homepage is well optimized and shares relevant content to your users’ understanding, it automatically prompts them to scroll further. Brand image is something that captures traffic and forms a loyal customer base.

Establishing a clear brand image means sharing your business ideas, including solutions to the audience’s requirements. Your logo, tagline, headings, punchlines, explanations all work adjacently to create a clear brand image.

Make sure your goal and vision are transferred to the minds of your website users. The content while designing your websites must be readable in a form that ensures brand recognition and awareness regionally and globally.

Focus on SEO

Focus on SEO

Search Engine Optimization is an important term you might have heard a lot in your marketing career. Wherever you land digitally is a part of SEO that enables your visibility and connectivity with the potential audiences. 

A website is all about its efficient content and creativity. Therefore, when you are into website designing, your partner (the content writer) must be aware of the appropriate keywords and research habits to ensure relevant content. 

Several elements together form a part of an SEO-optimized website. From mobile-friendliness to large text size, everything falls within SEO. From site structure to URL structure, titles, meta descriptions, blogs, articles, headers are all a part of SEO-friendly websites.

Leverage understandable templates

Leverage understandable templates

When created using different CMS platforms, which mostly is the scene for many businesses, websites have ready-to-use templates and colors to choose from. Starting from text size to font style, readily available templates help the new website designers.

One of the top 10 website designing tips, choosing templates is an efficient way of quick and customizable designs. New businesses starting their career using online platforms mostly depend upon such advanced tools and developments that ease their work to the most extent.

Certain freelancing website developers and digital marketing agencies work for businesses in creating websites as per the firm’s requirements. They ensure publishing useful content with exemplary designs for capturing public attention and online brand positioning.

Write your content gracefully and cautiously

Write your content gracefully and cautiously

Be it any business type, audiences and potential clients of your organization would first like to refer to your online presence. That means, with more websites of the same kind available online, people tend to follow those with more traffic and visibility. 

Although it is the work of SEO, what most business owners overlook is that SEO is possible only when content is presentable. 

A user is most happy when he finds his answer on a particular website. Whatever the question is, human psychology prompts us to click on the first three or four pages in the SERP. It is due to the fact that the authors of those blogs and articles have effective content writing skills. 

Google values those that promote plagiarism-free and understandable content for its readers. Only through content and proper optimization will you have a visible website open to any person searching about you and your products.

Ensure your website is mobile-friendly

Ensure your website is mobile-friendly

When you are done with your content and everything, it’s time you turn your website mobile-friendly. You must know that about 94% of internet users use mobile phones to access the internet.

Smartphones have penetrated people’s lives in a way where most online searches are made from mobile phones instead of desktops or tablets. From checking reviews to posting feedback, customers extensively use mobile phones for quick access, portability, and great comfort. 

Mobile-friendly websites now ensure fast transactions, orders and sales, customer service, etc., making people’s lives easier than before. 

Maintain page speed

Maintain page speed

Don’t let your visitors wait too long on your website without any results. Websites must offer speedy solutions and lesser bounce rates. The websites with more bounce rates often tend to fall last in the SERP results due to their lack of performance. 

Low optimization tends to lose its visibility even with the best products and solutions to promote on your website. Page speed depends upon different elements such as the number of images, videos, hosting platform, the CSS that styles page elements, the website’s HTML code, and many more.

Don’t worry about the white space

Don’t worry about the white space

Often when there’s a lot of cluttering on your website pages, especially the home page, it tears apart the focus from the main subject. Website designing may seem to require unlimited content to be filled out in every corner. 

On the contrary, those empty spaces or white spaces have more meaning to them. What happens when you don’t fill in the white areas on your website? 

Have you heard the phrase “simplicity brings more beauty and attention”? Similar is the case with website development. You need not worry about filling up all empty spaces; remove the extra clutter. These open spaces boost the visibility of the main subject and make it easier to ‘take in’ the message behind it.

Avoid boring layouts and try not to surround your main punchlines with other elements.

Maintain a pricing page

Maintain a pricing page

I’m pretty sure most of you have gone through this dilemmatic situation where you had to leave a web page forcibly due to inadequate information on pricing. 

Let’s look at the most common situation I’m sure most of you have gone through.

Supposedly you are looking for a good digital marketing agency to boost your business and enlist your brand awareness. You have probably visited numerous websites to find an efficient agency and landed on one that grabbed your interest.

You want to go through its pricing strategy so you can decide about hiring them without a second thought. As soon as you reach out for their pricing page, you are disappointed at the opaqueness of their business plans. Moreover, without knowing which plan to invest in, you simply had to leave the website just to find a new one with clearer transparency, like mentioning the price and inclusion of services. 

If your website follows a similar issue or has no pricing page at all, it ultimately means to throw out your potential clients even when they are ready to purchase your products. Your competitor’s advancements might belittle you and might think about disposing of your pricing strategy. 

But in reality, you must care more about your personality and professionalism. Try promoting stuff like what makes you so special and what your pricing strategy includes to make it more valuable and useful for people.  

Use right images and videos

Use right images and videos

No designers or developers would want their masterpiece to look dull and boring. As for business owners, none would like to portray their amazing business venture with limited approaches. A website has to have interesting and RELEVANT images and, to some extent, videos to keep audiences engaged. 

Stock images seem to be a quick utilization, but it loses your credibility. Try your best to stay away from cheesy and cliche pictures that might just backfire on the whole beauty and message of your website.

Instead, try using realistic and professional images such as a leader discussing topics with his team, a group of people smiling for the excellent customer service, group discussions among teammates, etc. 

Key Takeaways

It’s one thing to read these tips; when it comes to applying these top 10 website designing tips, it’s completely a different arena. It may take time to implement these tips where you need to maintain every minute detail or strategy. 

Although it might be intimidating at first, you are not alone in this. You can be a game-changer only when you start your project and upskill yourself. 

If you have a business or are willing to start a business, you should have a website to connect to the world and establish relations. SiterankTech Solutions is a leading digital marketing agency in Kolkata that upscales businesses and helps form connectivity using online marketing campaigns and strategies. 

Website designing is a field of expertise that lets businesses or companies form a gateway to successful conversations with their clients. Therefore, any website needs to be developed and optimized to win most of the market competition, enabling entrepreneurs or professionals to win their luck.

We hope that now you understood the top 10 website designing tips.

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