How to create a Perfect Landing Page for your website?

A perfect landing page is the first doorway to the virtual world. But still, not all businesses use it enough for comprehensive lead generation. It is often observed that the website’s homepage gets more attention than the landing page. According to the researchers, a website receives a 1% -3% conversion rate from the whole traffic. Such outcomes are poor and don’t let businesses accelerate online. So why focus only on the homepage when you have a landing page to leap up?


Why the landing page?

A landing page, also known as the lead capture page, is a targeted platform that converts substantial numbers of visitors into potential leads. However, a landing page gets overshadowed by the homepage because of undiscovered possibilities and less knowledge. In contrast, there is a 10% – 15% conversion rate observed by landing pages, as per the studies.


Wondering about how to create a perfect landing page? Well, follow the tips below.


What does a landing page include?

  • Provide a headline accompanied by a sub-headline.
  • A brief description of services and what is it you offer?
  • Upload 1-2 supporting images or short videos.
  • Highlight “testimonials” or “customer feedback” as the supporting proof.
  • Include a “form” section on the landing page to capture customer information or put a “Call – to- action” button that will direct the visitor to the page.


Do not use the homepage as the landing page

A homepage consists of too many instructions and messages that make the viewers puzzled and remove him without knowing about the services and offers.

A landing page creation will keep the visitor stuck on one task and clarify your business, products, and services.


Restrict extra navigation

As discussed above, a landing page focuses only on one task at a time. Linking main page navigation in the landing page will make the visitor wander the website without acting on it. You must make the visitor take one particular action at a time using a strategic landing page.


Keep simple and clear objectives.

Do not fill your landing page with too many messages and information; rather, make it clear to the visitor about your business and what you want him to do through the website. Try not to put info-graphics, videos, or images and keep it simple. Provide necessary options that will make the visitor take final action using the landing page.


Track the previous sources 

You must know where the visitor is sourced from. Knowing the source is one of the essential landing page tips. If the visitor is sourced from email or Call for action, follow the entire conversion path until he reaches the landing page. For example, if the visitor is looking for a download, let him find “download” on the landing page, too; otherwise, he may press the back button without performing the task.


The landing page conversion is easy if you have a clear idea of what you want. A visitor does not embrace the creativity or welcoming message in the website; it is the service you offer that matters. Keep the landing page simple and clear to interact that will encourage the visitor to take action. Using such ways will generate potential leads and increase the conversion rate.


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