Future with AI Writing: Will it replace Professional Content Writers?

The innovation that artificial intelligence (AI) or robotics will take over many people’s jobs in some fields. As AI continues growing smarter and professionals worldwide, people are worried that AI can replace them. “Can AI replace human writers?” is the most pertinent question in this AI-driven world.

AI is already employed in writing, so we know that it can. Will AI replace professional content writers is a completely different question? One in two digital marketing agency in Kolkata says that the differences between a human writer and an AI writer require a deeper look.

What is AI?

According to Siteranktech Solutions – a digital marketing agency in Kolkata, AI replicates human intelligence processes by machines. AI is a core sector of computer science that builds smart devices using algorithms to perform tasks that usually require human intelligence.

Using AI to virtuoso tasks humans have given rise to much debate. According to a report issued recently by the World Economic Forum, 75 million jobs are displaced by automation worldwide, but it will also generate 133 million new ones by 2022. We accept helpful AI such as Siri, Netflix movie recommendations, Alexa, and customer service bots; there is heightened concern that AI will become so smart that it will replace content writers in the workplace.

What AI Can Write

Some business companies use and depend upon AI, and many of these uses still require a human touch. AI plagiarism checkers, headline generators, and grammar checkers are a few examples of how AI can aid human writers.

The automation of these tools allows writers to upskill and concentrate their efforts on the parts of the projects that call for creativity, subtlety, and good targeting of messages. Content writers can more easily focus on the gratifying aspects of their work that suit their talents better.

How AI is developing in their industry is followed by those writers interested in looking at AI writing products such as Quill, Persado, and Wordsmith. 

Persado is an example that the product is said to have a way to mirror emotions in copy. Still, reviews of the product cite that headlines are formulaic and similar to many other headlines generated for similar and dissimilar brands.

Why AI Writing can not replace a professional Content Writers

The success of AI writing products like Persado, Wordsmith and Quill Illustrates that AI has developed to a point where it is best at certain tasks. However, humans are good at things that AI cannot replicate, like nuance, creativity, emotions, and empathy.

Humans are natural storytellers. It is in our soul. AI has no soul. AI can simulate intelligence. It can mimic language, but it cannot affect expression.

AI writers fall short on these capabilities:

  • It understands the nuances of tone. A sports blog would be completely different from a women’s wellness blog.
  • They are choosing between spellbinding synonyms. A human content writer will know whether to choose animated, excited, or exuberant among the many words in the Other language that describe an enthusiastic feeling.
  • Understanding audiences and personas. It takes a human writer to communicate conversationally in a way that lets a customer know you understand them.
  • Displaying authenticity. Creating content differentiating your brand from all the rest takes subtlety and personality that AI writers do not have.
  • We are developing ideas. AI writers can organize facts and find the words to communicate them. It cannot take research and facts and further develop them into ideas.

The Future of Content Writers

Has AI writing diminished the career of professional content writers?- According to IT companies, probably not. Artificial Intelligence has been the next big achievement in the future. Now it had much more success in fields like technology and manufacturing. For now, there is not any AI writer software sophisticated and creative enough to sound just like a human.

But humans have limitations, and AI writers can work with writers as an aid. Grammarly AI aids are already used by many content writers. These types of tools could be enormous time-saving tools for writers.

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