6 Digital Market Practices You Need To Stop Right Away

Everyone makes mistakes. A reputed Digital Marketing Agency in Kolkata wants to share some of the top marketing mistakes you need to stop right now. This suggestion will help you correct the things you’re doing wrong.

1. Avoiding social media

Why are not you using social media platforms?

Your business needs a social media platform. It is a good way to interact with all your customers. It’s also very inexpensive.

Unlike other marketing avenues, creating a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account won’t cost you anything. If you buy an advertisement and pay someone to run a page, it will cost money.

But this is still less expensive than traditional marketing efforts.

2. Forgetting to use videos

Most people think of Twitter and Facebook when they hear the words social media. But there is also a platform named YouTube. Here your business needs a page as well. You can also create a video from your YouTube channel on other digital marketing platforms. Also, don’t forget about Facebook videos. Even Instagram lets you post videos that max 1 minute long.

Videos capture consumers’ attention, and video content marketing is a great strategy to get consumers to check out your website.

3. Targeting everyone

Who is targeting your online marketing campaigns?

People with smartphones?

Everyone with a computer?

Anyone with Internet access?

Find these answers. 

Consider the demographics of your prospective and current customers.

That is who you need to be targeting.

Siteranktech Solution, an ISO-certified Company in Kolkata, has a step-by-step guide that explains how to find out the demographics of your existing websites. You can use this information to enhance your marketing efforts.

  • Do not make assumptions about the demographics of your audience.
  • Once narrow your target customers, you will have more success with your digital marketing campaigns.
  • Targeting everyone is also an inefficient way to spend money.

4. No measuring ROI

Here are some questions such as:

How much do you spend on your online marketing strategies?

What kind of return are you getting?

Never throw money blindly without measuring the ROI of digital marketing strategies.

If you do not measure the ROI, you won’t know your strategy’s success.

If you keep repeating, unsuccessful campaigns can start burning a hole in your checking account.

It would help if you stuck to what’s working and either abandoned or modify what’s not.

Here are different metrics available for determining your marketing ROI.

For examples:

  • Traffic
  • Conversions
  • Leads
  • Click-through rates

Make sure you determine the ROI of your marketing campaigns moving forward. It is the only way to see if your strategy was successful.

5. Not commenting on blogs

Commenting on your blogs is a great way to do two things.

  • Enhance your SEO
  • Increase communication with your subscribers.

Engaging with your customers can benefit your brand as well.

Just make sure you are commenting appropriately and professionally.

Do not spam people via blog comments.

It is not a good look for your company. Make sure your comments are informative and natural. This will help you establish credibility. Avoid commenting mistakes such as never using your full name in the comment, and you can use a fake or inactive email address.

6. Your website is too slow

Slow websites will lead to huge problems for your business.

People are impatient.

Consumers will abandon your website if it takes too long to load.

Do not let your loading time kill your bottom line. Do it if you need to spend more money to make sure your web hosting service is as fast as possible.

Every second counts and you can not afford to lose any customers.

Find another one if you are not happy with your current web host.

Your page load time is most important for your company. It is the top priority for your business.


Nobody is perfect.

Don’t be discouraged if you go through this list and realize that you’re making some mistakes. The first thing is to acknowledge what you are doing incorrectly. Once you have identified your errors, you can take the proper steps to correct this.

A Social Media Marketing Company in Kolkata suggests correcting that error:

  • Increase customer retention
  • Improve customer service
  • Speed up your website

According to Siteranktech Solution, a Leading Digital Marketing Agency, if you do not optimize your website for mobile users, your customers will think you don’t care about them.

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