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If appearance matters, then it’s true for websites! When we discuss any website, what’s the first thing that comes to our head? It’s mostly the appearance. Also, the formation has a lot to do with building trust. According to a survey, users find a website untrustable due to its appearance. A website that is built well automatically generates better traffic and increases the conversion rate. 


When you look for a Professional Web Design Agency to create a professional website for your industry, your focus should be on creativity. To make your website appealing to the viewers, you have to present it attractively. By following a few easy rules regarding the design and the betterment of user experience, you can help your website grow very effectively. 


To make your website attractive, you have to gain the trust first and then only you can engage people. To achieve viewers’ confidence, you need to follow simple yet effective steps. 

Select a Catchy Domain Name

Remember, your domain name does not have to be your full company name. For example, if your company is named Assurex Service And Private Limited, it would not be advisable to use the domain Instead, something like or would be a far better choice.

Simplicity is the Key!

Simplicity is the major key to making your website attractive. The more you work on making your website simple, the better it will be. Many people like this concept which makes it boring. Clean layouts with functional tabs make it easier for the users to handle the website, navigate and search.

Create recognition for your web with a logo.

Visual identification with a logo is part of the emotional experience that users experience when they contact your organisation. Having a logo that creates the spirit of your structure or serves as a reminder for the cause helps make a site memorable. It refers to a non-profit organisation that should be immediately recognisable and transmit your non-profit or your mission and remain effective in various colours or presentation modes.

Provide Clear Navigation

There are a few concepts on a website that one looks forward to exploring. The way you navigate your users matters a lot in engaging the audience. No doubt, everyone wishes to stand out in a crowd and to do that, they often prefer trying new and unique things. But trying unique won’t always be easily accessible. Don’t experiment much with your website’s navigation menu, following which the audience can explore it more. Please keep it simple and easily understandable. Give the navigation menu a standard form to make your visitors feel comfortable accessing it. 

Call to Action

The main intention of any business is to increase its profit margin. You have to be clear about what you want your visitors to do after spending time on the content. You have to put action buttons, whether you want them to read an article and like it, buy any product, fill up any form, or donate to a cause.  While designing the call to action button, make sure that it catches visitors’ attention and that the text displayed on that button is clear and crisp. 

Include Social Media Sharing Option

The more you make your website content shareable, the more you can increase the chance to gain more web traffic. Social media has become a vital part of our daily life and thus, helps us develop the connectivity between people and, at the same time, give more exposure to brands. Therefore, other than working on creating high-quality content, include a social media sharing option on your website so that it attracts the readers to share your content with more people via social media platforms. 

Ensure your website is Mobile-Friendly

As of 2015, more people use mobile devices to browse the website rather than a desktop. Since then, the gap between desktop and mobile usage has only widened. This being the case, the website must be mobile-friendly.

Improve Your Website's Features

If your website does not have a blog, create one. If you provide grooming services and pet bathing but do not have a gallery, add one! Views are keen to see what their beloved pets will look like once they have received a first-class trim, groom and wash. 


Thus, keeping the website simple and easily accessible can attract more traffic! With an Affordable Website Design and Development Services, you can create an appealing website for your company and promote your brand name like your competitors. 

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