Your Guide to SEO Writing in 2022

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SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It helps to rank high your content on the search engines. It further indicates your content is up to date and produces value. The concept of content is vast. Content exists online to give information about the product. It can be on blog posts, articles, Infographics, etc. It would be best to focus on keyword research to optimize the content. We, SiteRanktech Solutions, a quality content writing agency,  focus on developing quality content. In the competitive digital field, your content faces new challenges.  SEO optimization of your content is a must.

SEO implementation to your content makes it acceptable to a wide audience. Doing Keyword research properly, conventionally using keywords, adding meta tags, writing proper headings and conclusions, and attaching quality backlinks and internal links always give an added advantage. 

You should logically organize your content so a user can find it. You can use different social media platforms to promote your content. 


The CTR(Click Through Rates) will be less than one per cent of your content that does not appear on the first pages of SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages). You should be aware of the latest tools and techniques dominating the market.

The tools are:

  • Value the KPI of your Writing.
  • Create a long-term and profitable strategy.
  • Find the right keywords.
  • Produce meaningful headers.
  • Put appropriate links.
  • Add CTAs (Call To Action) button.
  • Consistently Optimize the site.

Let’s elaborate on all of them.

Value the KPI of your writing:

Content Marketing KPI allows you to drive to the end goal of each content. Implementing keywords is not enough. KPI helps you to start conversion with a visitor through some marketing funnels. The content marketing funnel acts from awareness to conversion. We, Siterank tech solutions, as the best SEO company in Kolkata, put a value on KPI to produce quality SEO-driven content.

Create A Long-Term and Fruitful Strategy:

An effective content marketing strategy always helps you to grow your services as a brand. Without a productive process, your content would not be appealing to the customers. The pillar and clusters model can properly work for SEO strategy. It will enrich the Keywords of your Content and make it market-friendly. 

Find the right Keywords:

Keywords are one of the most crucial factors in writing SEO content. There are certain steps for keyword researching. You can use different keyword tools to make your content SEO friendly. There are some paid and non-paid keywords tool available in the market. You can use them according to your needs. As an AI-based SEO company, SiteRanktech solutions private limited, we try to utilize the proper keywords according to the content.

Produce Meaningful headers:

In the digital era, users are time-conscious. They pay their time behind the content, which is short and relevant. It will save their precious time and engage them with the particular content. If you add unnecessary long-tail headers, they will skip and not pay any interest. So keep your title short, simple, and relevant. 

Put Appropriate Links:

Linking is essential in SEO-optimized content Writing. It is the best process to drive a visitor to different relevant content. Internal linking lets you introduce a visitor to other interesting content on your site. They will read them and enhance their news on the related topic. 

 External Linking or Backlinking allows you to add links to third-party sites. It adds value to your content. You must add high-quality backlinks so that it creates a good impact on your SEO.

Add CTA buttons:

The Call To Actions(CTA) button aims to convert a visitor to a lead. Different CTA buttons can engage a visitor. We can name some examples: Grab now, Subscribe Now, Try it for free, Download Now, etc.; attractive CTA buttons can help you generate leads from the website. 

Constantly Optimize the Site:

Improvement does not close its door often. When you are improving, it means you are adding value to your content. So optimization has no limits. You always need up to date. In this digitally transformed era, nothing last for a very long time. So optimization is essential.


SEO-optimized content brings traffic to your website. Some essential factors help to make content SEO friendly. Keyword Researching, Implementing the appropriate keywords, Adding CTA buttons, and Putting meaningful links can assist you in building SEO-optimized content. 

As an SEO expert in Kolkata, you can consult SiteRank Tech Solution for better SEO content writing results. 

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